Pickup Truck Insurance

Specialist insurance for pickups carrying limited cargo

If you’re operating a vehicle with a cab at the front and space for cargo at the back, you’ll want to make sure it’s suitably insured to protect the vehicle itself, the contents you carry and yourself in the driving seat.

Arkwright has the specialist knowledge to help you to find a pickup truck insurance policy that best meets your needs.

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About pickup truck insurance

The widespread use of multi-purpose vehicles on the road means it can be quite difficult to tell exactly what type of distinct insurance you need. Getting the wrong type could result in you having an insufficient level of cover or even invalid insurance that might not pay out if you need to make a claim.

One of the easiest ways to identify your vehicle type is to check the log book, as this will outline the vehicle’s classification. Pickups will generally be made up of a single body with an open space for cargo behind the cab, whereas a standard van will often have the cargo area enclosed on all sides. If the cab is a standalone component with room at the rear to attach a trailer, it’s more likely this will be classed as a HGV instead.

Pickups are used for all sorts of reasons, including deliveries, removals, and transporting tools or equipment for a large job. Similarly with other types of van insurance, they may be used for personal purposes like leisure and social activities. How you intend to use your pickup will have an effect on your overall premiums.

Just like car or van insurance, different people may use their vehicles for business or casual reasons. It’s important to declare whether the expected usage of your pickup truck will be private or commercial, as this will influence your annual premium cost and what you may be covered for.

A private pickup insurance policy generally covers you for non-business related purposes. Personal activities like hobbies and holidays will be covered under a private policy, however it may not necessarily cover daily commuting in the same way that a “social, domestic, pleasure and commuting” car insurance policy would.

If you use your pickup for work – even just commuting to a single place of work each day – then a commercial insurance policy will be more appropriate. Many tradesmen and contractors using a pickup truck to carry tools and equipment will benefit from this type of policy, as will those making small deliveries. Whether its primary focus is carriage of own goods or other people’s goods, a pickup can be suitably covered with this kind of insurance.

All vehicles are legally required to have at least a minimum level of  insurance to cover any third party claims made against you or your pickup truck. With this, you won’t be able to claim for a pay-out towards any losses or damages to your vehicle or its contents.

Third party fire and theft insurance is the next level up, which can provide cover for claims made by others if they are injured or their vehicle is damaged after you’re involved in an incident. On top of that, you’ll also be able to make a claim if your vehicle is stolen or damaged fire damaged, either accidentally or as the result of vandalism.

At the top end of the scale, comprehensive cover allows you to operate comfortably in the knowledge that any damage to your vehicle will be covered by your provider, whether or not you’re the one at fault.

Alongside any of these cover types, you may also want to combine your pickup insurance with extras like business insurance, contents cover and even modified van insurance if your truck has any modifications that are not factory standard.

If you’re looking for a pickup truck insurance quote and don’t know where to begin, Arkwright Insurance Brokers is here to support you. By consulting with a wide and varied panel of specialist insurance providers, we find tailored policies that suit your needs and compare premiums to offer you the best possible quote.

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