Multi Van Insurance

Specialist cover for more than one van

Whether for business or domestic use, you may own multiple vans that will all need to be insured. It can often be cheaper to insure several vehicles on one policy, rather than individually.

Arkwright can help you to save time and money by providing you with appropriate and affordable cover for all of your vans in one go.

Benefits of having multi-van insurance cover

one policy

All vans covered under one policy


Often cheaper than individual cover

Many vans

Insure as many vans as necessary


Option to include other commercial vehicles


Tailored cover for each van under the same policy

Types of Home Business Insurance you need?

Your business is unique, and we believe that when it comes time to insure it, you must or maybe need to be able to count on the right protections. This is precisely what professional Home Business Insurance offers with Intact Assurance’s extensive protection of My Business and Me. Their solutions have the flexibility to adapt to the size of your Home Business, its structure, and its industry.

See your business without fear of the worst thanks to the extended protections of my business and me. In addition to the basic insurance coverage usually sought by business owners (property, buildings, liability), it notably puts at your fingertips.

This part covers your residential building, its outbuildings, and your movable property. It also covers additional living expenses or the rental value of your home and the dwelling units that are part of it, in the event of a covered loss.

What is very important when talking about home business is the very movable warranty covering your content. Certain categories of goods are subject to limitations, such as books, tools, instruments, clothing, and merchandise relating to professional activities. In the situation of a loss, you must be aware that the insurance will not pay more than the limit mentioned in the contract.

If you have to move and bring these goods with you, the limitation could be even lower. Make sure that the amount of the limitations is adequate to cover the real value of the professional property you own.

The home insurance contract also includes several general exclusions, among other things, the professional activities known to the insured but not declared. In summary, your insurer may refuse to compensate you or reduce the amount of the indemnity if it is not aware of the presence of your business, even if the claim is not related to it, this. Goods found at fairs or exhibitions for exhibition or sale are also excluded from your insurance contract.

The details of home office insurance policies will vary depending on the circumstances, which is why we insist on learning all the facts before we can produce a quote. Our insurance for home business includes the cover that is often excluded from ordinary small business insurance policies.

This part covers you against claims that third parties may present to you as a result of personal injury or property unintentionally caused by your privacy or insured premises. It also covers the voluntary reimbursement of medical and funeral expenses and the voluntary settlement of property damage.

In the definition of professional activities, it is mentioned that we cover the consequences of the use by you of a part of your residential building or its dependencies for your professional activities. However, it is stated, once again, that the professional activity must be mentioned to the insurer.

For example, if a client gets hurt at your home, a lawsuit could be triggered. Not having declared your business to your broker, the insurer may refuse to represent you.

Depending on the kind of business that you operate, we can advise you. You do not necessarily need a business insurance policy to cover your assets and activities related to your work. This will depend on the dimension or perhaps the size of the business and the insurer’s acceptance or your insurance needs.

You do not have a lot of property, for example, you only do bookkeeping for clients? You are not immune to it. You will be able to be prosecuted for errors and omissions, all insurable via a professional liability insurance policy.

In addition to the basic warranties, the follows can also be included based on your insurer;

  • Protection against the breakdown of production machinery
  • Electronic, electrical, mechanical and pressure equipment
  • Loss of perishable products
  • A guarantee against crime