Minibus Insurance

Specialist insurance for minibuses

Whether you use a minibus for personal leisure, business, or as a vehicle for hire, you will want to make sure that you have appropriate insurance cover to protect not only the vehicle but your passengers as well.

Arkwright Insurance Brokers search high and low, dealing with multiple insurance providers, to find a minibus insurance policy that meets your exact needs and fits your budget.

You can cover a minibus for the following uses

personal vehicle

As a private or personal vehicle


As a taxi operated by a named driver


As a vehicle for hire to be used by any driver


As part of a business, school, charity or nursing home

About minibus insurance

There are many different types of minibus or multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) available that are flexible in how they can be used by individuals and businesses alike. As larger vehicles capable of carrying more passengers than a typical car or van, it’s vital that you have a suitable level of insurance in place to provide cover in case of any accidents in the future.

Insurance for minibuses and MPVs will generally cost more than a standalone policy for a car or van because there is a greater chance of risk involved with a more expensive vehicle and the number of passengers on board. The reasons for you using the vehicle will also contribute to the overall quote, with higher risk activities or passengers resulting in higher premiums.

To find the cheapest possible quote on minibus insurance for your particular needs, you’ll want to compare different providers to see who can offer you the best package. Arkwright can help you by taking all the hassle out of the comparison process to consult various insurers at the same time and find the best quote for what you need.

Vehicles that have 9 to 16 seats in total are generally classed as minibuses. Any fewer and you’re likely to need van or car insurance for a people carrier. Any more and your vehicle will be classed as a coach. It’s important to be clear of this distinction before applying so you can get the right kind of insurance for the vehicle.

Minibuses are commonly used for business, either by taxi drivers for hire to carry large parties, or by group leaders of an organisation to transport a small group. From groups of children or students on a school field trip to nursing home residents going on a day out, the driver will be responsible for safely transporting an increased number of passengers. This, along with the size and cost of the minibus itself, can contribute to high insurance premiums.

You can also use a minibus as your own private vehicle for leisure or personal use. It could be that you only use it on rare occasions to make long trips or you may use it regularly for shorter journeys. Either way, the mileage you expect to cover and how often you’ll use it will inform the overall quote you’ll get to insure the vehicle.

Make sure you’re aware of the specific make and model of your vehicle, as well as the number of seats it has (including the driver’s seat). This will help to speed up the quote process and ensure you can find a policy that suitably covers everything you need.

If your minibus or MPV has been modified in any way from its original factory standard model, this will need to be declared during the quote process. Modifications can vary from performance enhancing equipment to external fittings or signage. No matter how small a modification may be, it will affect the costs needed to repair or replace those aspects of the minibus if you ever need to make a claim.

You can also help to keep your premiums as low as possible by following general cost saving tips like increasing your voluntary excess, choosing black box or telematics insurance and paying in one annual lump sum rather than monthly instalments. Remember that the experience of the driver(s) named on the policy will also be taken into account, so a longer, cleaner driving history will certainly be beneficial.

Searching for a minibus insurance quote can be a time consuming task and could leave you confused about what is the best deal for you. At Arkwright, we make it as easy as possible for you to find the cheapest possible quote for an insurance policy exactly the way you want it.

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