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Arkwright Insurance offers exceptional travel insurance products to provide cover for you and your belongings when you go abroad. Whether you require single trip insurance or annual cover for multiple trips away, we can ensure the right policy to suit your needs.

We are proud to provide competitive travel insurance quotes to a lot of satisfied customers throughout the UK.

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About travel insurance

If you’ve booked a holiday, chances are you’ll be looking forward to a relaxing time away. The last thing you’ll want to think of is anything potentially going wrong. However, no matter where you go or what you do, accidents can still happen.

Whether you’re away for a personal holiday, on a business trip or taking part in extreme sports, the cost of travel insurance can differ massively to take your travel purposes into account. The insurance can cover you against any injuries you may sustain while away, or if any of your possessions get damaged, lost or stolen.

Depending on where you travel to, your cover or your premium may differ. If you’re staying within Europe, it’s possible to receive cheaper travel insurance as opposed to taking out a Worldwide travel policy. Additionally, if you hold an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), this currently allows you to receive healthcare for free or a reduced cost in certain EU countries.

However, it’s important to note that EHIC shouldn’t be treated as a substitute for travel insurance, but instead can complement your travel insurance policy as an additional document.

Different policies may cover different aspects of your travel. This could include specialist cover if you’re taking part in activities or winter sports where the risk of personal injury is higher. Holidays taking place on a cruise may also require a specific policy, as they may not be covered as standard.

Common features of a standard travel insurance policy:

  • Cancellations and delays: If your trip is cut shorter than you were initially expecting, your policy may be able to cover the cost of any missed holiday time. This can encompass flights that are either cancelled or significantly delayed, as well as if you need to cut your trip short due to an emergency. In some cases, your policy might even provide cover if you end up missing your departure flight, so it’s always useful to check your specific policy documents.
  • Medical expenses: Should you become ill or injured while away and need to visit a doctor or hospital, travel insurance will generally be able to cover all or part of any treatment costs. This also goes for repatriation back to the UK if you require emergency assistance while being brought back home.
  • Baggage and belongings: Just as much as you’ll want to protect yourself from harm, you’ll want to ensure your possessions are protected while you’re away too. From baggage going missing in transit to individual items getting damaged or stolen, a standard travel insurance policy should be able to cover your belongings up to a certain amount.
  • 24-hour helpline: If you need to make a claim or request emergency assistance, in most cases your policy provider will have a 24-hour helpline available to offer support and advice at any time, wherever in the world you are.

Please note that this is not a guaranteed list of what will be included in your specific policy. It’s strongly advised that you should check your individual policy to be aware of exactly what’s covered.

At Arkwright Insurance, we work hard to find the right policy that matches your specific requirements for the best possible price. Whatever your reasons for travelling, you’ll be able to find insurance for a business trip, family holiday, couples’ cruise or winter sports event with our exceptional knowledge of the insurance sector.

Through our extensive panel of insurers, we’ll provide you with a highly competitive quote to beat other quotes you might find elsewhere.

To get an instant quote online, click the “Get a quote” button on this page and fill out the appropriate details for your trip. Alternatively, you can speak to us directly by calling 01204 392 525 where one of our expert team will be available to talk through the specifics of your travel insurance needs.

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