Motor Trade Liability Cover

Specialist cover for professionals operating in the motor trade industries

Motor trade liability insurance is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of policies. At Arkwright Insurance, we’re experts in providing specialist cover for many professionals in the motor trade industry.

Each business that deals with vehicles is unique and it’s best to find a policy that caters to your exact requirements. We can provide you with a highly competitive package tailored to your specific needs and the kinds of circumstances you may face.

Arkwright can provide you with competitive cover for the following

Public liability

Employee liability

Products liability

Professional indemnity

Contents and equipment cover

Goods in transit cover

Cover for tools used off premises

Interruption to business

About motor trade liability insurance

Working in the motor trade industry can be challenging, especially when health and safety are such important aspects of the job. Whether you are a mechanic, car showroom owner or operate a body shop, each profession comes with its own unique risks.

In much the same way that you are required to adhere to strict measures to protect others at work, your insurance policy needs to be thorough and well considered to protect you from potential financial losses. As a motor trade business, you’ll also need to take into account that you’ll be working with valuable vehicles, whether they’re for sale on your forecourt or the property of your customers.

Arkwright Insurance Brokers have extensive experience in providing cover for a wide variety of professionals who work with vehicles. This cover can include, public liability, employers’ liability, professional indemnity and product liability. We can provide you with a policy that covers all motor trade activities and the unique risks you may face in your everyday operations.

There will be many aspects of your business that require liability cover. Each of these insurance types can be included with your motor trade liability policy, however this may depend on your insurer so it’s always a good idea to check.

Employers’ liability

Employers’ liability is a legal requirement if you run any type of business with one or more employees, even if they only work on a part time or casual basis. Employers’ liability covers you in the event that an employee should become injured or unwell as a result of working for you.

For example, if a mechanic sustains an injury from some heavy machinery they are working with or a vehicle they are repairing, they will need time off to recover. Not only could the potential loss or slowdown of business affect your finances, but compensation claims by the employee could also leave the business out of pocket.

Public liability

If you operate a forecourt that’s open to the public or service other people’s vehicles, your business could be held responsible for any injury or damage to a customer or their property. Somebody could suffer an accidental trip or slip on your premises, or one of your employees could unintentionally cause damage to a customer’s vehicle during a service or health check.

Whilst this type of insurance can also cover legal costs if somebody wishes to pursue legal action, you may also want to extend your cover to include professional indemnity as well. This may help to cover the cost of legal fees or paying out compensation if you or your employees have provided a poor service or offered bad advice.

The level of motor trade liability cover required for your business will depend on the type of work you do, how many people you employ, your customers and any other previous claims that have been made against you or the business.

If you are considering motor trade liability insurance for your business, Arkwright Insurance can help. We can make obtaining a quote a quick and stress free experience, providing you with peace of mind. Our brokers can provide an accurate and highly competitive policy for specific motor trade risks or a combined policy package comprised of liability insurances for public, employees and stock.

You can request a quick quote using our online application form, by clicking on the “Get a quote” button. Alternatively, you can call our team on 01204 392 525 who will be happy to discuss your business within the motor trade and find you the best quote for what you need. We can touch upon your requirements and talk you through a range of cover options that can benefit you and your motor trade business.