Cyber Liability Cover

What does a cyber liability insurance policy cover?

Protect your business from virtual threats like loss of important data or malicious hackers attempting to steal confidential information.

Why cyber liability insurance?

Computers & IT assets

Computers and IT assets in any business are critical to the day-to-day running of the business

Protecting information

3rd party data information you hold is valuable and you can held liable if the data is lost


Cyber related crime is the fastest growing in the world with hackers now targeting all of types of businesses including government agencies and companies


Hackers and viruses do not target only one or few type of business they target any business within any sector


Notifying customers of a breach costs time and money and require technical IT expertise

Cyber Liability Insurance

  • Recovery of data in the event of a security breach
  • Dedicated cyber security cover against digital threats
  • Protection against theft of intellectual property in the event of a cyber attack
  • Immediate response from experts within 1 hour of notification of an incident
  • Deployment of IT Forensics – provided by KPMGs Response
  • Legal Response & PR Consultancy – to contain damage to reputation
  • Costs of notifying those people affected
  • Insurable fines and penalties by data protection regulator
  • Network Interruption – loss of net profit – optional
  • Cyber/Privacy Extortion – response and ransom payments – optional
  • Digital Media Liability – breach of intellectual property rights – optional
  • Breach of personal or corporate data
  • Contaminating someone else’s data with a virus
  • Theft of systems access code
  • A negligent act or error by an employee