Commercial Landlord Insurance

Insurance for renting out commercial property

Commercial Property Landlords need to have insurance as they are subject to various risks for the building, contents and also liabilities towards the tenants.

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Commercial buildings insurance

Properties that are rented are at a higher risk of in need of repair work due to damage and need to be taken care of. Incidents of damage need to be reported at the soonest before the problem gets bigger for example if there is an as small patch of damp caused by slow pipe leak may end up causing greater and deeper damage to the wall or ceiling in terms of depth and the area. This is where commercial buildings insurance can help the landlord to recover the costs of repairing the building or rebuilding the property.

Typically Commercial Buildings can be broken into 2 groups as shown below:

  • Property owners who have bought the property to run their own business
  • Landlords who own the building and let it out to commercial tenants in return for rental income

Because Arkwright’s brokers tailor their coverage to the individual, our business premises insurance policies are flexible and can cover a wide range of specifications. From basic business property insurance to policies which incorporate employer liability, loss of rental income, contents, accidental damage and much more, our commercial insurance can be engineered to you, regardless of your requirements.

We can also offer business building insurance for a portfolio of properties on a single scheme. If you have several properties to cover, we can offer significant discounts on portfolios of 3 or more properties.

We can arrange for the following cover options:

Unoccupied Property Insurance: In the case where the commercial property has been empty for more than 30 days continually then the standard policy may not be enough on its own and may require a specialist insurance policy. This type of policy provides basic cover against perils such as:-

  • Fire by lightning
  • Flooding
  • Earthquake
  • Explosion

Please note you may need to have additional security around the building premises and mark that it is not to be entered.

Liability Insurance: This type of policy can include both Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance which will protect you against a claim if a member of the public or an employee were to have an accident at your premises.

Call us to discuss your individual requirements and get a commercial property insurance quote. We can ensure for all of the following types of businesses:

Shops, Offices, Studios, Factories, Workshops and much more – our commercial building insurance policies are adapted to meet your specific needs.