Family & Home Fleet Insurance

Multi-car insurance to meet your family’s needs

If you have a big family with multiple cars on the driveway, it could be cheaper overall to insure your vehicles as part of the same policy. The potential discounts that come with a multi-car Insurance policy can greatly benefit you and your family.

At Arkwright Insurance, we can help to take the stress and worry out of insuring multiple cars for your family by finding you the best possible quote from a diverse panel of insurers.

Family fleet policies can cover

Big Families

Families with two or more cars


Couples living together with multiple cars between them


Public liability, Employers liability is available if your home will be frequented by customers directly

adult children

Families with adult children using their own car, even while living at University

What is Family Fleet Insurance?

Even though you may have multiple cars for personal family use, you may not think of them as a fleet. However, it’s fairly common nowadays for a typical household to have several cars on the driveway. Whether you’re a couple or a large family unit, if you use more than one car for leisure you can insure them all at the same time on the same policy.

Different insurance providers may use their own terminology for this type of policy, with some calling it “family fleet insurance” and others using “multi-car insurance”. By and large, both of these refer to the same thing, although like with any insurance policy, it’s important to make sure you’re aware of what your insurer will provide cover for. There may be subtle differences in the level of cover on offer, but there will be great similarities overall.

In many cases, you may find that your overall premium will be cheaper than it would be if you insured each vehicle separately. The savings can vary from insurer to insurer and will depend on the types of cars and driving histories of each person. Bundling these together, though, could result in significant discounts to help you and your family.

Family fleet car insurance policies can cover multiple named drivers on multiple cars registered to the same address – or even different addresses in some cases. Some providers may impose a minimum age of 21 or 25 to avoid including young drivers on the policy. Other than that, you can insure your cars as you normally would with standard car insurance.

You will be able to choose a specific level of cover for each car on the policy – for example, one car can have fully comprehensive cover while another one may have third party only. This way, you get flexibility of cover for each car and each driver to operate in their own way.

If each car has existing solo policies, they will likely have different renewal dates throughout the year. A family fleet policy may not be able to preserve these dates, but by starting with one car, others can be added to the policy once their existing insurance policies run out. This means that all cars under the family policy will be unified under a single renewal date with pro-rated costs applied to cars added part-way through the year.

Adding named drivers to any or all vehicles can be a benefit, especially if it’s someone with plenty of driving experience backed up by several years of no-claims. This is particularly helpful for keeping premiums down if any drivers on the family policy are younger or inexperienced.

Increasing the voluntary excess on your policy can also keep the overall premium cost low, but it’s important to consider how much you could actually afford to lose if you ever do need to make a claim. Ensuring that all cars on your policy are fitted with security features, like an immobiliser and advanced alarm, also makes it less likely for your family to become victims of theft.

Depending on the model of car and the history of a driver, you may actually find it cheaper to have a standalone policy for one of the cars you intend to include on the family policy. To find out more, speak to one of our advisers who will be able to discuss your options when comparing family fleet insurance policies.

Comparing family fleet car insurance or multi-car insurance can be a complex task. That’s why we’re determined to help you find the best possible quote from across our wide-ranging panel of insurers, so we can offer you a policy that’s tailored to match your specific requirements.

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