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Specialist insurance for classic and vintage motors

Cars of a certain vintage or older model are often seen as a treasured possession, as well as a means of transport. Owners will be looking for specialist car insurance that takes all of this into account.

At Arkwright, we can help you to find just the right policy to meet your specific needs.

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Classic and Vintage Car Insurance Explained

As there is no standard definition of what makes a car classic or vintage, it can vary from one insurer to another what they’d be willing to insure. To ensure you get a suitable insurance quote that matches your car and how you use it, we liaise with a vast panel of insurers to find the right policy for you.

Thanks to legislation changes in 2017, vehicles built more than 40 years earlier than the current year are automatically exempt from road tax. On top of that, all cars built pre-1960 are not required to undergo MOT testing, but insurers may want some proof that the vehicle is still fit for purpose on the road.

However, this age isn’t the only determining factor of whether a car can be considered ‘classic’ or not. With no fixed age group to stick to, insurers can judge for themselves what they may class as a vintage or classic car. This can even include modern classics from as late as the 1990s.

Aspects like low annual mileage and the likelihood of caring owners maintaining upkeep of their treasured vehicle will also be taken into account. While there may be fewer insurers willing to provide this specialist insurance, those who do will provide highly competitive quotes keeping your premiums as low as possible.

There are several potential uses for a classic car, whether you intend to drive it every day on your typical commute or reserve it for motoring show days and public exhibitions. With fewer outings and a limited mileage over the course of the year, insurers may be more likely to offer lower premiums for such a valuable asset.

Having additional security features and modifications can affect your quote in different ways. Older and valuable models of car can be quite attractive to thieves, putting them at considerable risk anyway – especially if they lack the same levels of security as modern cars.

Depending on the vehicle or the circumstances surrounding it, insurers may want to ensure that a classic car is kept in a secure location overnight – like a locked garage – or ensure that it is fitted with a sophisticated security system that matches the standards of other cars today.

It may also be a suitable option to arrange laid-up cover for your classic car if it remains off the road for much of the year. This could help to reduce your premium when your car is in use for certain periods, be it for personal leisure or display at a public car show.

Classic cars are often used for other purposes whether owned by individuals or as part of an event hire business. In particular, hire for weddings, proms or other fancy events are quite common and may require the vehicle’s owner to take public liability into consideration, rather than simply use a standard car insurance policy.

It’s important to list any specific activities you expect to use your classic car for, as otherwise you may end up with a policy that doesn’t cover you for exactly what you need. This includes indicating whether the car will be used primarily for business use or personal leisure.

When you choose Arkwright Insurance, we endeavour to find a modern insurance policy for your classic car. We offer a hassle-free process to provide a competitive insurance quote based on an agreed valuation of your car.

As classic and vintage car insurance is a specialist field, we have a team of experts ready to take your call and speak to you about the ins and outs of what you need. In some cases, you may be able to get a rough estimate from us first using our online quote builder, but then speak to our team directly to fine tune your insurance to match your specialist requirements.

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