Office & Surgery Insurance

Offices of all sizes and purposes

Protecting your office property with an insurance policy is essential, while surgery insurance can provide cover for doctors, dentists, and associated healthcare businesses throughout the UK.

Insurance policies typically include

Buildings & contents insurance


Computer breakdown cover and office equipment insurance

All risks cover

All risks cover (business equipment away from the office)


Vaccines, drugs and other medication, both refrigerated and non-refrigerated

Dispensing errors

Loss recovery insurance​

Accidental damage

Employer's liability

Public and products liability

Personal assault

Business interruption

Legal Expense

Office & Surgery Insurance Quotes

At Arkwright, we know that the insurance requirements of an office insurance can differ from business to business. This is why we insist on discussing our customer’s requirements rather than offering generic “off-the-shelf” office insurance products. By tailoring your insurance to the circumstances of your business, we can offer policies that offer suitable cover options and the best value for money. We can adapt to the needs of both small office insurance and commercial office insurance requirements.

It’s important that your business office premises are properly insured. Similar to your home, there is a range of covers that you need to consider that will provide protection for your buildings, contents, fixtures, and stock.

Your office premises need to be covered for risks, for instance, fire, storm flood. The responsibility lies upon you if you are the owner of the premises, however, if you have rented the premises then your landlord will be responsible, but in instances, you may be liable to pay towards the insurance depending on your contract or lease with the landlord.

Very similar to your home insurance, the business contents should be insured against fire, theft, damage, food and so on. It is vital that all contents are insured properly and correctly to a value of new for old ‘reinstatement’ in order to avoid average payout instead of full payout on total losses in cases of under insurance.

Some insurers will calculate the contents and fixtures and fittings together however some may ask you for a split. Fixtures and fittings usually include items such as shelving, racking, counters, carpets, fitted machinery and so on.

Cover for shop fronts of your office or surgery can also be included for items such as glass, signage, awnings, lighting etc.

Stock is insured on a separate basis to the above, again it is vital that you ensure the stock to the maximum of any one time, however, insurers may include seasonal increases for free e.g some insurers will give an automatic uplift of maybe 20% to 40% without needing you to declare increase in stock all the time.

Our surgery insurance can provide cover for doctors, dentists, and associated healthcare businesses throughout the UK. Due to continuous changes in these professions and a high level of variance in circumstance, we use our access to a range of top insurers to construct flexible products designed specifically for the medical and dental professions, in order to protect our clients and their practices against the perils of the modern world. Since the specification of a vet’s surgery insurance policy is likely to be very distinct from the requirements of a dental practice insurance policy, at Arkwright we broker each policy individually based on their unique needs.