Van Breakdown Cover

Vital assistance in case your van breaks down

Whether you rely on your van for work or personal use, an unexpected breakdown can cause a lot of disruption and stress before you’re able to get up and running again.

With van breakdown cover from Arkwright, you can have peace of mind that help is never far way if you run into trouble.

Common options for van breakdown cover

Roadside Assistance

Nationwide Coverage

Onward Journey Or Overnight Accommodation Cover

Home Start

Europe-Wide Cover

Home Start Or Accidental Mis-Fuel

About van breakdown cover

Just like any other vehicle, there’s not guarantee it’ll always run perfectly 100% of the time. Whether you suffer a tyre puncture, flat battery, faulty electrics or other mechanical failure, a breakdown can have a significant effect on your planned journeys.

If you use your van for personal reasons, like commuting or leisure, breaking down will be just as aggravating and stressful as it would if you were in a car. Using your van for commercial purposes, however, means that breaking down can severely interrupt your daily business.

Whether delivering goods, making your way to a contract job or simply just on your own travels, a fault in your van can leave you stranded at the side of the road. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may even find yourself off the road without a working vehicle for some time.

Breakdown cover aims to keep your worries to a minimum when you’re face with a greatly stressful situation. With roadside assistance available as standard, you can save yourself the hassle of forking out for having your van towed to a garage for costly repairs. There are also varying levels of cover available to help keep you and your van on the road, whatever the problem.

If your van breaks down while you’re out and about, breakdown cover can offer you a lifeline with roadside assistance callouts. Here your insurer will be able to arrange for engineers to inspect and repair your van there and then if possible. Alternatively, they can tow your van to the nearest approved garage in case it can’t be fixed that easily.

Typical van breakdown policies will offer nationwide coverage if you should require assistance more than a quarter of a mile away from your home or registered work address. For an added level of service, you may wish to include home start cover with your breakdown policy to get you on your way.

Additional cover options can also include cover for continuing your onward journey or even arranging for overnight accommodation if you’re unable to get home. You may also be able to extend your coverage beyond the UK to assist you for any breakdowns in Europe, which can be a lifesaver for business van users operating on the continent.

As well as understanding the types of insurance available, you will need to choose a policy that will suit you and your business. Depending on how your business operates and how many people drive different vans in your fleet, you generally have a choice of either ‘personal’ cover or ‘vehicle’ cover.

A personal policy will cover a named individual on any van, allowing them to use any vehicle from the business’ fleet safe in the knowledge that they can rely on breakdown assistance if necessary. This cover applies whether the person is driving or a passenger attending a callout as part of a team.

Alternatively, a breakdown policy for the vehicle – usually ‘van specific’ in this case – will protect the van itself no matter who out of the workforce happens to be driving it. This allows for added flexibility when assigning drivers to vans, as there’s no need to worry over whether they have breakdown cover in their own name.

Finding specialist breakdown cover for your van can be a tricky process, especially under unique circumstances. However, securing this cover can make a big difference to you on the road.

Here at Arkwright, we work with a panel of trusted insurers and breakdown specialists to find the most suitable cover for you and your unique situation. We’ll help to provide you with quotes for van breakdown cover that are competitive and affordable.

Speak to our team on 01204 392 525 today or send us a few details online so we can get back to you. From there, we can discuss your breakdown cover requirements and find you the most appropriate cover.