Legal Expense Insurance

Insurance against solicitors' and barristers' fees

Legal expenses insurance is designed to help you if you wish to pursue legal action but are afraid that spiralling legal costs may prove prohibitive.

Legal expenses cover can help you with

Legal Funding

Funding any legal action you may need to pursue


Protecting yourself and your family from being in a difficult position

peace of mind

Providing peace of mind that you'll be covered for any future disputes

Legal Expense Insurance

If you think that you might struggle financially trying to claim compensation for an accident, unfair dismissal or legal dispute, then legal expenses insurance providers can offer you the protection and peace of mind to help you pursue your case. Other areas covered with legal expenses insurance include financial protection should you purchase a car or home and become involved in a legal dispute. This could be taking action against a third party for vehicle damage or negligence or defending accusations made against yourself. Legal expenses protection can also help protect you against any legal proceedings made against you, your home, business, employment or personal injury claims.

Legal expenses insurance is especially valuable for small business to protect against any costly legal expenses should a trade dispute or injury claim be brought against you. There are a range of packages available for small business including intermediate and advanced packages.

Arkwright insurance uses a team of dedicated insurers who are specialists in legal expenses insurance. We can work with you to provide all the cover you are likely to need for your individual circumstances.