GAP Insurance

We understand how important it is to protect the value of your vehicle

GAP insurance (or Guaranteed Auto Protection) covers the difference between the actual value of your vehicle and the amount still owed on the vehicle, usually by way of a loan or a “pay on finance” scheme.

Three standard types of GAP insurance

Back to invoice Cover

This offers you the difference between the original amount you paid for your vehicle and the amount your insurer will pay out if it gets written off or stolen

Vehicle replacement Cover

This takes today's market value of the same vehicle into account, allowing you to purchase a new replacement is necessary

Contract hire Cover

This is available for people who have their vehicle on lease without the option to buy it outright. Your insurance will be able to cover any remaining owed payments

GAP Insurance providers

There are two types of GAP cover insurance product:

In the event of your vehicle being written off in an accident or stolen, Finance GAP Insurance is designed to protect you against the risk of any shortfall in your finance settlement.

In the event of your vehicle being written off in an accident or stolen (and not recovered) invoice GAP Insurance offers you comprehensive protection. It provides the difference between the invoice price you paid for the vehicle and the amount you receive following a settlement.

Car insurance, motorbike insurance, and van insurance policies are all available for all situations. At Arkwright, we have access to a wide range of insurers which allows us to provide flexible policies and the best possible prices.