Super Bike Insurance

Vital cover for sports and performance bikes

Motorbikes designed with speed, acceleration, and performance in mind are often suitable for use on public roads with the proper insurance in place.

At Arkwright, we work with specialist insurers to help you find the perfect insurance cover to get you on your way.

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About super bike insurance

If you’re an experienced rider looking for something more than a standard motorcycle, a high performance super bike or sports bike may well provide you with a revved-up alternative. With a lighter frame and greater performing engine, your bike will generally be quicker and more agile than others on the road.

While this may be beneficial for you, it’s important to remember that there’s an increased element of risk when super bikes mix with standard vehicles on public roads. To protect yourself and those around you, there are a few crucial things to consider before taking your high performing bike out for a spin.

Owning a super bike means you should be particularly aware of its powerful potential and ride it responsibly. Alongside this, even the most cautious riders will be aware of the potential risks involved with taking a super bike out on the road, whether those risks affect you, other people or even the bike itself.

As with any other vehicle, having appropriate insurance for your super bike is a legal requirement. This way, if you should run into any trouble on the road or if your bike ends up in need of repairing, you’ll have complete peace of mind that your insurance provider will be able to ease the strain.

When insurers begin the process of calculating your premium, they will take numerous factors into account, basing costs on the likelihood of certain risks affecting you or your bike. Sports bikes and super bikes are often optimised for speed, acceleration, smooth cornering and manoeuvrability, making their appearance on public roads a cause for some concern.

High performance bikes also often come with a high market value attached, sometimes making them considerably more attractive to thieves or causing some concern over potential damage costs. Your insurance provider will need to be prepared to cover the full value of your super bike in case of it being written off or stolen.

Things like repairing or replacing individual components may also drive up the price of your premium more than you’d expect when insuring a standard bike or car. This comes down to insurers wanting to be certain they can source correct parts, as well as trusted garages that are capable of carrying out any necessary repairs.

Like other vehicle insurance policies, there are varying levels of cover available depending on what how much protection you need, whether Comprehensive, Third Party First & Theft, or at the very least Third Party Only cover. On top of this, elements of additional cover like protecting your no-claims bonus, legal expenses, personal accident cover and helmet and leathers protection can be included as optional extras.

Alongside securing insurance, owning and maintaining a super bike can be quite expensive as a hobby. However, there are several ways you can keep insurance costs as low as possible, such as stepping up the security of your bike with alarms, immobilisers, tracking devices and locking or anchor mechanisms. As long as these are approved, declaring them to your insurer may result in a reduction on your premium.

Further cost saving tips include storing your bike in a secure garage at home overnight and keeping performance enhancing modifications to a minimum. General things like a lower estimated annual mileage, strong driving history and no-claims bonus will also be considerable factors in keeping your premiums low.

It can be a struggle searching for the right insurance provider for your super bike cover. As a specialist type of insurance, you’ll ideally want someone with the in-depth knowledge of high performance bikes who is comfortable with providing suitable protect for you and your vehicle.

Arkwright Insurance deals with a large and diverge panel of different insurers to ensure that our customers find exactly what they require at a price that’s both competitive and affordable.

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